PAROBiz Huntsville19: Call for Nominations


To be eligible for PAROBiz Awards, a nominee must be a woman (in the case of Change-maker Entrepreneur, can be a man) who is the primary owner and operator of a business located in Northeastern, Eastern, and Southeastern Ontario. 

Being the “primary owner and operator” is defined as having a minimum of 51% ownership (being the majority stakeholder) and being active in the business.

Nomination Criteria

  1. A nominee can ONLY be nominated for one Award category.
  2. Nominees must respond to the nomination package to be considered by deadline (February 1, 2019).
  3. Nominees must register and attend the PAROBiz Huntsville 19 event to receive the Award.
  4. If the nominee is an Award Winner, they may request refund of the registration fee.

Award Categories & Description

This year, PARO Centre for Women's Enterprise introduces six key PAROBiz Award Categories: 

    • New Business of the Year.  This award recognizes a business, with a successful and notable track record for less than 3 years and giving back to the community.
    • Established Business of the Year. This award recognizes a business with a successful and notable track record for 3 years or more. A woman who has established a business, taken financial risks, managed the business successfully, and given back to the community.
    • Rising Star. This award recognizes a woman’s emerging talent. A Rising Star is a current leader or an aspiring future leader who is starting out in business, managing her own business, or quickly rising through the ranks. This award is open to women of all ages who have made a mark in business and is a ‘woman to watch’ in terms of future contribution and community leadership.
    • Impact Social Entrepreneur. This award recognizes a Social Entrepreneur who has roots in creating social change. The social enterprise is designed to make money, but the primary goal will always be to create positive Social Impact.
    • Digital PARO. This award recognizes a woman who uses digital technologies to improve her business processes, to inspire, encourage and to connect other women to her community networks.
    • PARO Fundraising Circle of the Year. This award recognizes a Peer Lending Circle’s ongoing community and group effort that positively impacts PARO and their community, fundraising for their circle and the PARO grant fund.


Nominations close JANUARY 25, 2019!!