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 Embracing Innovation, Productivity, & Profitability for Business and Social Entrepreneurship

January 6
11:00 am (EST)
Getting the Money
An Information Session on Marjorie House
Presented by Candace Raciborski, Marjorie House
Please join us for an information session about the outreach services and overview of the residential services that Marjorie House in Marathon, ON provides.  
January 6th 
 12:15pm (EST)
Getting the Money
PARO Circles Discovery: Business Loan Information Session
Presented by PARO Centre For Women’s Enterprise
  • Are you a woman in business and/or an entrepreneur looking for support? Then PARO Peer Circles are for you! Join a dynamic PARO Circle of like-minded women who share their experiences, offer advice, help you build networks, grow your business and access funding opportunities!
January 8th 
 10:00am – 12:00pm (EST)
Your Tax Obligations
Understand Your Tax Obligations
Presented by Liaison Officers from the Canada Revenue Agency
Join us for a webinar with Liaison Officers from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) to help you understand your tax obligations and learn about:
  • General bookkeeping concepts and best practices
  • Explain common tax errors
  • Demonstrate how to use financial benchmarks for relevant industries
  • Provide information on the CRA’s services
January 13th 
 11:00am (EST)
Your strategies for keeping cool
Keep Your Cool and Your Customers
Presented by Lana Bullough, Safe Stress
  • Four strategies for staying composed, calm, cool, and collected when dealing with difficult and demanding people.
January 13th 
 12:15pm (EST)
Psychology of Money
My Wellness Matters: Healthy Habits Make Dollars and Sense
Presented by David Cohen, The David Cohen Group
The past year has been super stressful, we managed change, loss, uncertainty, not to mention changes at home, health issues and money issues. 2020 took a toll on everyone. In this web class we will explore why self-care and managing your health is critical to your success in life and in business.
January 13th 
 4:30pm (EST)
Your Networking
Circle Up! Networking Event
Presented by PARO Centre for Women’s Enterprise
It’s that time again to meet potential circle mates to form your own PARO Peer Circle!
Please join us in this networking event to meet like-minded entrepreneurs and form a PARO Peer Lending & Support Circle. 
FACT: In a recent press release, mentorship was cited as one of the most effective ways to support a growing business, with 70% of small businesses, reporting surviving past five years – double the survival rate of non-mentored businesses. 
This is a relaxed and casual event, please settle in and join us virtually with your favourite beverage in hand! 
Please think about the following before you arrive:
What do people appreciate about me?
What is important to me?
What am I looking for in a circle?
Register for this webinar by emailing

January 20th 
 11:00am (EST)
Your Marketing Strategy
Developing a Marketing Strategy
Presented by Marcia Mohammed
ü What are the basic tasks from managing your money in business or in life?
How to keep your bank account in order? (bank reconciliations)
January 20th 
 12:15pm (EST)
Getting the Money
What’s Your Virtual Impression?
Presented by Holly-Marie Conway, Strength Through Speaking
This session covers the foundation of effective communication in today’s online meetings. It asks what’s your AVF? Drawing attention to the three pillars of making a noteworthy first impression in the Zoom world- your audio, visual, and follow up. 
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