Four Pillars of Northern Women in Business

PARO uses a four pillar approach to supporting northern women in business:

  1. Productivity, Profitability
  2. Procurement
  3. Business Leadership Circles & Clusters
  4. Youth & Social Entrepreneurship 

The four pillars work together to provide a solid foundation for business growth in a changing economy. Within each pillar, themes have been identified through consultation with women. Although themes are organized by pillars, it is the linkages and integration among themes and, ultimately, within pillars that will support northern women in business to seize new opportunities.  


Project Pillars

Productivity, Profitability

PARO assists businesses to:

  • seed start-up
  • be poised for growth
  • evaluate and analyse current business practices
  • introduce technology and other solutions to stay ahead of the competition


PARO provides businesses with  the knowledge and tools to:

  • leverage the 'power of partnerships'
  • connect them with professionals
  • expand their business
  • secure larger contracts

Business Leadership Circles & Clusters

PARO provides the mentorship and support to:

  • build strong networks
  • come together as a business cluster
  • nurture peer lending circles
  • provide access to grants and loans for business

Youth & Social Entrepreneurship

PARO provides strategies and activities to:

  • assist entrepreneurs to connect to social enterprise opportunities
  • create a network of social entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in their community
  • increase knowledge and business skills among participating youth
  • attract and mobilize options for accessing capital and financing for social enterprise.