2011 Publication

Women's Economic Council (WEC), Aboriginal Cluster Model Project Report 

2010 Publication

Cindy Crowe, Lodge Keeper and Community Coordinator and Cynthia Coons, Assistant Coordinator, Waabi-ma'iingan Traditional Teaching Lodge, Final Report for the 2010 Elders and Youth Gathering. 

2008 Publications

1) Kirsti Tasala, Rosalind Lockyer, Into the New DecadeNorthern Opportunities for Women Report #2, PARO Centre for Women's Enterprise, in partnership with North Superior Training Board.  Funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation.  

2) Northern Opportunities for Women Economic Development Conference Report (NOWEDC). 

3) Paul Chamberlain, Michele Cherot, Caroline Lachance, Rosalind Lockyer, and Joe Valvasori, Place-Based Poverty Reduction Initiative: How Community Economic Development is reducing poverty in Canada and how it could be doing more. Funded by the Government of Canada's Social Development Partnerships Program.  

2007 Publication

Kelly Babcock, PARO Centre for Women's Enterprise Measuring Social Impact , Community Economic Development Technical Assistance Program.  Funded by CEDTAP and J.W. McConnell  Family Foundation. 

2005 Publication

Rosalind Lockyer, Maggie Milne, and Marina Robinson,Systemic Change, One Step at a Time:  Building Sustainable Livelihoods in Northern OntarioMaking Waves, Women and CED in Canada, Special Edition, 2005. 4 Publications

1) Marina Robinson, Northern Opportunities for Women: An Innovative Skills Development Program, PARO Centre for Women's Enterprise, in partnership with North Superior Training Board, 2004. Funded by Government of Ontario, Ontario Women's Directorate.

2) Loretta McGregor, Marina Robinson, and Rosalind Lockyer,The Current Status of Information Technologies and Skills Development for Women Entrepreneurs in Northwestern Ontario, PARO: A Northwestern Ontario Women's Community Loan Fund, 2004. Funded by the Government of Canada, Human Resources Development Canada. 

3) Maryanne Geddes, Marina Robinson, Rosalind Lockyer, A Literature Review Pertaining to the Employment of Women in Northwestern Ontario, PARO Centre for Women's Enterprise, 2004.