Webinars for 2020

Time listed in Eastern Standard Time
 Embracing Innovation, Productivity, and Profitability for Business and Social Entrepreneurship

September 2nd
11:00 am
Your Technology
Covid-19 Technology Adoption Fund information Session (CTAF)
Presented by, Jeff Coull, Northwestern Ontario Innovation Centre
Support for implementing digital technology solutions and adopting remote work solutions.

September 2nd
12:15 pm
Your Family
Ontario Family Law Webinar: Money, Kids and Paperwork When Your Relationship Is Breaking Down (or Before)
Presented by, Rachel Fogl, B.Sc., LL.B 
Learn about your rights and responsibilities on relationship break-down under the Ontario legal regime and learn how to protect yourself, your kids and your assets.

September 9th
11:00 am
Your Finances
The importance of saving in good times and preparing for rough times. 
Presented by, Alterna Savings, Nalisha Jagroop and Jean Barrett

September 9th
12:15 pm
Stepping off 'The Hamster Wheel of Insanity' 
Presented by, Jo Caragh, The Magnificent Movement
Do you ever find yourself caught up in the same patterns and wonder how you keep getting there? Do you think to yourself 'there must be a better way'?
In this 1-hour webinar you will explore:
  1. The Hamster Wheel of Insanity - What is it, and how do you recognize when you're on it?
  2. The Big Picture - What is it that you really want? 
  3. A Better Way - Using 'the Big Picture' to step off 'The Hamster Wheel'


September 16th
11:00 am
Your Mindset
The Mindset You Need for Positivity, Productivity and Profitability!
Presented by, Lana Bullough, Safe Stress
It’s a well known fact that our thoughts determine our behaviour and our behaviour determines our actions. In this workshop we will discuss the importance of mindset and the five keys to unlock and create a productive and confident thought management process that will open the doors to creativity, prosperity and success! 


September 23rd
12:15 pm
Your Mindset
Branding and Advertising
Presented by, Linda Cryderman, Wholistic Marketing Company
  • How to Brand Your Business
  • Creating an Advertising Balance 
  • The 2 ways of Advertising 

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