Featured Speakers 


"Scale-Up Your Business: The Elevator Pitch"

Penny Tremblay

25 years ago Penny led a sales team into the Million Dollar Club using the principles of relationship strategies. She’s since been teaching, speaking and writing as an expert on the glue that holds business relationships together. Tap into her captivating style which is authentic, passionate, interactive, inspiring and swings like a pendulum from the depths of human emotion to hilarious. Participants are taken on an unforgettable journey, realizing that relationships and people skills significantly contribute to saving time and money for maximum profit.




"Build Your Network with Purpose, Power and Presence"

Belinda Clemmensen helps women live and lead to their full potential.  As an ICF certified coach and award-winning designer and facilitator of leadership development initiatives across North America and beyond, Belinda has now turned her focus to helping women lead in whatever domain or industry inspires them.  “I know how hard it is to bring a vision to life because I’ve done it.  Whether that’s a vision for your career, a business, a charitable or creative initiative.  That’s why I developed the Women’s Leadership Intensive; so women wouldn’t have to reinvent the process every time, so women wouldn’t have to do it alone.  This is the program I wished I’d had when I was building my own business.”   

About the Workshop

We know women thrive when we have strong networks of support, and yet networking can sometimes seem like one more thing we “should” do rather than something that energizes us and brings us joy.   In this session we’ll work through a series of experiential activities that allow us to truly connect with one another by bringing our purpose, power and presence to the table!


SPEAKERS_Anne.png"The Business Economics of inclusion"

Ann Magiskan, whose spirit name is Miidewinque, meaning Sound of the Heart Sound of the Drum Woman, is Crane Clan, Chejak Dodem, from Lac Seul First Nation. Ann joins PARO as a Business Counsellor, where she uses her strong interpersonal skills to help others achieve their business goals. Previously, Ann was employed with the City of Thunder Bay as the Aboriginal Liaison, where she helped build bridges between the municipality and surrounding First Nations communities, and their members. Ann has volunteered for over two decades leading circles with the Thunder Bay Indigenous Friendship Centre’s Community Council Diversion Program. Ann served as Chair of the Anti-Racism Advisory Committee, where she helped launch the City’s Respect initiative, and she was instrumental in a number of education and awareness-building initiatives, including facilitating hundreds of Walk-a-Mile Film Series trainings across Thunder Bay and Ontario, and coordinating the recent installation of the St. Joseph’s Residential School Memorial in Thunder Bay.


"Embracing Cultural Diversity for Business Success"

Karen Strang, President of Strang Intercultural Solutions, based out of NE Ontario, has provided services locally, nationally and abroad since January 2015. Her three key services include: 1) keynote speaking, 2) intercultural training for new immigrants and employees in our domestic workplaces; and 3) consulting for academic institutions and businesses on international engagement issues and supporting companies to seek their goals of building business alliances across cultures. Karen works with clients from corporate, non-profits and service organizations, to government and academic sectors, tailoring her strategic training sessions on intercultural competency development, customer service, effective communication and professionalism in the workplace.