Getting Started

Help for new entrepreneurs and businesses

Helping women to start their own businesses is what PARO does best.

Our main office is located in Thunder Bay but our programs take us across Northern and Eastern Ontario (all except the Greater Toronto Area) and includes service delivery to vulnerable populations, Francophone, Indigenous, and Immigrant women and communities.

At PARO, we help women turn their business ideas into reality through business development programs, advisory services and technical resources. We also work to encourage more women and youth to pursue enterprising activities, to improve access to business and social enterprise development training, and to increase economic security for women and youth. 

PARO can support any and every woman to start a new business  so what are you waiting for?

Start up programs include:


1. PAROBiz

PAROBiz is an innovative and comprehensive women-focused economic security program that will focus on building sustainable livelihoods for diverse low income women by starting and growing their businesses.  PAROBiz provides women with the counselling, skill development, experiential learning, networking and formalized mentoring opportunities, and financial support that they need to build their enterprises and, ultimately, lead to economic security. 

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 2. Making A Difference

Investing in Women's Futures: offers business and employment development services to women at PARO Centre or through PARO on Wheels throughout Northern Ontario. The program offers business counselling, weekly workshops, on-line workshops, access to financing, and tele-sessions.

After women start their business through the Making a Difference program, PARO offers them the ‘Accelerated Placement Agency’ to assist women entrepreneurs who wish to hire staff, to teach them what they need to know about regulations and the ‘step by step’s of hiring, and to help them grow their business to the next level.

3. Breaking Barriers - Building Bridges.

This program offers persons with disabilities essential support to develop a business on their own terms. Women and men who are ODSP (Ontario Disability Support Program) eligible may qualify for: 

  • Business development assistance, including group training, coaching/counselling
  • Income supports
  • Employment supports, and 
  • Start-up funds.

This program is for individuals, both men and women, who feel that working independently through self-employment will help them reach their goals for success.  This project is funded in part by ODSP.


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