PARO BizShadowing provides real life experiential learning and hands on training opportunities to women through business shadowing opportunities. Business shadowing opportunities will be offered to women (BizShadower) whereby they will be placed in a suitable business and matched with the owner/entrepreneur (BizHostess). The BizShadower will shadow in the business for an average of a week, however more or less time can be arranged depending on the interests and the needs of the BizShadower.  Women can be matched and shadow in up to 3 businesses.

Are you a business woman seeking an opportunity to gain firsthand experience tackling unfamiliar issues, processes or specific areas of business? This learning strategy may be the opportunity for you, PARO BizShadowing will provide women the opportunity to increase their knowledge, improve their skill levels, learn about logistics, build their connections, and be inspired by other entrepreneurs.

Benefits for Participants

BizShadower will:

  • Receive hands on experience guided by an experienced entrepreneur
  • Learn new strategies, tools and skills
  • Expand their network of business contacts and social supports
  • Shadow in a business with a BizHostess who will listen, guide and provide specialized support as requested
  • Complete the appropriate PARO BizShadowing application form and agreement.

BizHostess will:

  • Expand their network of business contacts
  • Gain experience as a consultant in your field
  • Gain exposure to fresh perspectives on business and innovations in your field
  • Receive recognition for your work with this program, if you approve
  • Be provided an opportunity to help other women
  • Complete the appropriate PARO BizShadowing Application form and agreement.
  • Must commit to a minimum of 8 hrs of business shadowing at a mutually acceptable date and time
  • Must act in an emotionally intelligent and mutually respectful manner
  • Must be enthusiastic participants
  • Must keep all information shared in confidence
  • Must be confident and effective communicators and maintain open lines of communication


The PARO BizShadowing program is available to all current and past PARO program participants and clients, including Circle members, and Mentor Moments participants. Women may self-select and contact a PARO Counsellor to complete the PARO BizShadowing agreements or they may reach out to a PARO representative to complete a suitable match for them.

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