Enterprising Indigenous Women

If you are an Indigenous woman seeking to start your own business or further develop your existing business PARO’s Enterprising Indigenous Women program may be your gateway. The program assists Indigenous women from remote and rural Northern Ontario, with a priority focus on those living on the remote First Nations to start, grow, and scale businesses. To achieve this the Enterprising Indigenous Women program offers several services:

  • Provides financial support to Indigenous women who wish to start or grow their businesses
  • Helps to create procurement opportunities in mining, forestry, transportation and power industries
  • Creates a network of support for women in business through creating connections
  • Delivers PARO programming to women by providing on-going support from the idea phase, to launching, and operating their business
  • Connects businesses with buyers and suppliers

If you have ever dreamed of owning your own business or have ever had a business idea that could help strengthen your community, the Enterprising Indigenous Women program may be the fit for you! Contact us today if you are interested in joining or obtaining further information about the program.

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