Évènements de la Journée internationale de la femme

La Journée internationale des femmes Évènement virtuel 2023 - #EmbraceEquity

Rejoignez-nous pour une journée de reconnaissance et de célébration de femmes autour du monde pour leurs extraordinaires réalisations.

Venez écouter les histoires inspirantes de membres de nos Cercles de Pairs et une présentation de la conférencière Vanessa L. Tynes-Jass, fondatrice et directrice générale de Survivors Unleashed International.


Vanessa L. Tynes-Jass
Fondatrice et directrice générale de Survivors Unleashed International.

Vanessa était sans abri à l’âge de 17 ans et contrainte de se prostituer au Canada. Quelques mois après avoir été libérée de ce trafic, sa meilleure amie Kelly, 17 ans également, et qui partageait sa chambre, était assassinée. 

Après avoir échappé de peu à cette situation, Vanessa a été capable de se façonner une vie plutôt fascinante, une carrière et un avenir en tant qu’entrepreneure, défenseure et philanthrope.
  • Elle est désormais déterminée à montrer au reste du monde que la traite des personnes n’est pas seulement un gros titre de journaux. Les victimes sont nos filles, sœurs, mères et voisines. Elle détient actuellement des firmes d’avocats spécialisées sur le droit de la famille et l’immobilier résidentiel. 
  • Elle préside également une association caritative appelée Survivors Unleashed International, qui procure du financement pour l’éducation de survivants du trafic sexuel. Elle en a fait sa mission de démontrer à d’autres survivants qu’eux aussi peuvent avoir une vraie liberté économique grâce à l’éducation.
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Amanda Cora
Co-Owner/Operator of Thrive Tours

Amanda Cora is a proud mother of 5 and the Co-Owner/Operator of Thrive Tours and enjoys connecting with nature all while helping others do the same. Whether exploring the great outdoors kayaking, canoeing or hiking and taking in the sights, being in nature is one of Amanda’s favourite things to do. Continuing to showcase all of what this region has to offer in Indigenous eco-tourism, Amanda’s passion to broaden the exposure in this industry to international markets should prove to be inspiring to other women who push the limits of their own careers.

Amanda’s infectious enthusiasm and hard work have ensured that Thrive Tours has kept on the top of the minds of her peers in Ontario Tourism and international interest, enough so that she lead Thrive Tours to win 4 prestigious Ontario Tourism Resiliency Awards in 2021 in Ottawa, and also showcased Thrive Tour’s Indigenous Experiences at Rendezvous Canada 2022 in Toronto.

Dawn Condon
Connected Living Yoga

Dawn has dedicated her life to the wellness and fitness industry for over 20 years. As the owner of Connected Living, founder of Shine Om Yoga, and creator of the Yoga For Real People series. She is also the owner and Wellness Coordinator of NEOMO Wellness, working with the NEOMO Family Medical Centre.

She is a certified Personal Trainer, and Group Fitness Instructor, with many specialty certifications. She is a Stand Up for Balance Facilitator, Tiered Exercise Facilitator and Trainer. She is a certified yoga teacher and yoga therapist with the Sivinanda Yoga Vendanta and the Kripalu Yoga Institute. She loves continuing her education by attending teaching intensives with Coby Kozlowski, Gary Krafstow, Esther Myers, Tom Myers, Baxter Bell, Sadi Nardini, Carol Krucoff, Leslie Kaminoff, Kari Harendorf, Lorin Roche to name a few. She is also certified by the Academy of Culinary Nutrition, the Academy of Life Coaching as well as the Canadian Health Coach Alliance.

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Devarati Angela Sammon
Owner of Devarati, Jewellery by Design

After a 17-year career as a Chartered Accountant on Bay Street in Toronto, I left the financial world to follow my true passion, empowering people to live fully right NOW.

Following my love to connect with people, I have travelled across the United States, Canada, and Europe sharing The Bright Path Ishayas’ meditation, facilitating retreats, and other events over the last 22 years.

Later in life I uncovered a passion that combines my lifelong interest in rocks, semi-precious stones, crystals and gems, awareness of spirit and the healing power of gems with the creative process of designing, making and selling beautiful jewellery.

I attended George Brown College in Toronto where I obtained a 3-year Jewellery Arts Higher Diploma. My 18k Canoe in Motion ring was featured in the final exhibition of the Opine-Student National Exhibition. 

In 2013 I received the Gambhir Award for Academic Excellence. In 2012 my presentation of the new square diamond brilliant earned an honorable mention in the 2012 Dream Diam Design competition.

Emily Shandruk
Founder and CEO of Emily Shandruk Solutions

Emily Shandruk is a Sessional Instructor in the Faculty of Business Administration at Lakehead University, focusing on Conflict Management and Negotiation, obtaining her Undergraduate Degree from the University of Manitoba in Criminology in 2002 and a Master of Arts Degree in Conflict Management with a specialization in Organizational Development in 2007.
Her career has taken her across Canada, working in Winnipeg, Vancouver, and Toronto, and spanned several different types of organizations. She was working with both non-profit and for-profit, where philanthropy, conflict management, and employee relations were the main focus of her work.
Emily Shandruk Solutions was founded in 2019 with the primary focus on non-profit consulting; since the pandemic, there has been a rising need to assist organizations that are undergoing change and looking for support with employee relations which includes workshops focusing on difficult conversations, performance reviews, and exit interviews.

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Kathleen Sawdo Headshot

Kathleen Sawdo
CEO of Sister Bear Designs Inc.

Kathleen Sawdo, CEO of Sister Bear Designs Inc. is a Matriarch, Artist and Entrepreneur from Thunder Bay, Ontario and a member of Lac Des Mille Lacs First Nation.

She is a visionary leader who has an unwavering dedication to the advancement and empowerment of Indigenous women in every Industry.  Kathleen has worked with all levels of government, in public and private sectors, and in leadership with non-profit organizations. She currently volunteers with Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce as a Board Director and has volunteered on Indigenous Advisory Boards and committees throughout the community for over 20 years. 

Kathleen founded Sister Bear Designs in part to reclaim her identity as an Anishinaabe kwe, and recognized the importance of including her family in this journey.  Sister Bear Designs, located in Goods&Co Market,  now includes 3 generations of family artists, makers and community, working together to celebrate and revitalize Anishinaabe ways of being and knowing.  Sister Bear Designs pieces are made with generations of love, using both traditional and contemporary designs sharing the beauty of their Anishinaabe ancestral knowledge, strength and resilience.

Maria Carolina
Entrepreneur | Leadership Coach | Mentor| Financial Services Professional | Community Servant

Maria Carolina is an immigrant from Venezuela. As an immigrant, she went through and overcame culture shock, language barriers, had to work at many entry-level jobs to make ends and came to share solidarity with the immigrants who suffer with various problems on personal, social, and spiritual levels as an immigrant.
This experience taught her spectacular lessons on how to face adversity, helped her to build a character of tenacity, and now she uses those values to encourage those around her.
In 2016, Maria Carolina she launched her business, helping immigrants to get settled in Canada. She saw this as a chance to do what she loves and be her own boss and since then she has been running her own Business.
Maria Carolina’s passion has always been about helping people understand and win in life. She loves inspiring action, coaching disciplined strategies and empowering others to pursue abundance in all aspects of their lives. Today, her dream to serve her community has turned into so much more.
Her mission in life is to make a difference, be the change, to build leaders and inspire the community.
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