PARO Women's Accelerator


The PARO Women’s Accelerator is a pan-regional immersive business development launch pad for enterprising women who seek to access seed for growth, accelerate, scale up and design and develop export strategies for their businesses.

The PARO Women’s Accelerator is designed to provide clients with the skills, knowledge, and connections they need to accelerate business growth and success at every stage of their business journey, from start-up to scale up, to exporting and international growth. Your participation in this Accelerator will expedite achieving your business goals. The Accelerator features three main components to support you on your business journey:

1.      BIZCamps – in accessing tailored BIZCamps, you tap into countless years of experience through knowledgeable business experts and supports through each phase of your business journey
2.      Business Advisory Services –  your PARO business counsellor will support you through the process and all of the dynamics that come your way through the Accelerator journey!

3.      Access to financial opportunities – your PARO team will support you in sourcing and developing financial opportunities, including developing an application to apply for the Women’s Enterprise Organizations of Canada (WEOC) National Women’s Loan Fund where you can access up to $50K in funding (check THIS out to see why WEOC loans are the best option for you!)

We are looking forward to starting this journey with you! Please fill out the following application to get started on building – and achieving – your business dreams!
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Accelerated Growth BIZCamps

Businesses may have difficulty moving their business to the next level alone and these programs are designed to help businesses increase and capitalize on market opportunities to grow and expand. Their purpose is to assist businesses to expand into new markets and grow the entrepreneur’s confidence.

Business Advisory Services

PARO supports women entrepreneurs through all stages of business with complimentary one-to-one business advising, educational programs, networking and funding opportunities.
Get in touch with one of our Business Growth Advisors today to take the next step in your entrepreneurial journey!


Access to Financial Opportunities


  • Loans in any amount up to $50,000
  • Terms up to 5 years
  • Flexible repayment options
  • Robust business advice and resources delivered by expert advisors

PARO Prosper Circle’s OFFERS:

  • Access and share business knowledge
  • Mentorat de Pairs, soutien et encouragement
  • Access loans ranging from $1,000 to $5,000
  • Non-repayable portions of $500 to $1,000 (if you meet the criteria)
  • Accéder à un éventail de perspectives et d’expériences

PARO BIZGrowth offers:

  • Opportunity for women-owned businesses in Northern Ontario
  • Targeted towards those with annual sales of $50,000+
  • Funding available through BIZGrowth from PARO CENTRE
  • Covers up to $5,000 for new tools or equipment
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