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Your Safety
An information Session – Sudbury Women’s Centre – Supporting them to Thrive!
Presented by Giulia Carpenter, Executive Director and Tracy Speirs, Program Coordinator, Sudbury Women’s Centre
The Sudbury Women’s Centre offers a safe place to support women in their journey in getting from where they are now to where they want to be. They offer the tools, resources and support to help and promote women’s status and well-being. 
They are a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to providing information, referral, and support services to women who have been impacted by violence and/or difficult life circumstances. The Centre offers key tools and resources that assist women in addressing issues of systematic discrimination and violence. We are committed to serving the needs of women in our community. To create and maintain a safe environment that is inclusive and respectful of diversity. 
Your Health
Budgeting & Expenses for Your Business
Presented by PARO Centre For Women’s Enterprise
  • What are your business expenses?
  • How do you project your expenses?
  • Fixed, variable and start-up costs
Finding the Support
Circle Discovery Webinar
Presented by, PARO Centre For Women’s Enterprise
Ever wonder how PARO Circles are formed and what the benefits are in being a part of one? Join PARO’s Circle Co-Ordinator where you will learn all the details about forming, joining, belonging and how to access loans and grants through the PARO circles.
Managing the Money
Bookkeeping for Businesses: Part I
Presented by PARO Centre for Women’s Enterprise
  • Why Does Your Business Need Bookkeeping?
  • 3 Categories of Essential Business Tasks
  • Cash Receipts (A/R) and cash Disbursements (A/P)
Making the Money
Instantly Shift How the World Sees You & Your Business, By Self-Publishing Books, Using Your Existing Key Content
Presented by Debbie Horovitch, Book Publisher & Promotions Consultant and Digital Media & Content Consultant
Learn How To Instantly Shift How The World Sees You & Your Business
  • Create instant authority for your message by self-publishing books for yourself & others
  • Use the activity of producing content to connect with industry leaders, and easily generate sales leads and opportunities NOW
  • Leverage your book in media channels for better and more exposure
Managing the Money
Bookkeeping for Businesses: Part II
Presented by, PARO Centre for Women’s Enterprise
What you will learn:
  • What will be the business purpose?
  • Service
  • Sales
  • Manufacturing
  • Why does this matter?
  • How to decide which type of accounting systems, processes and methods to use
Your Networking, Your Money
How to Connect & Grow Your Business on LinkedIn
Presented by Sue Sutcliffe,, World Event Centre
If you are not driving leads and forging strong connections, something needs to change. Join Sue Sutcliffe as she guides you through how to leverage LinkedIn to optimize your presence, build authority and best leverage LinkedIn to grow your business.
You will walk away knowing:
  • How to increase the leads you’re getting from LinkedIn
  • How to build authority
  • Best practices for connecting
Managing the Money
Bookkeeping for Businesses: Part 3
Presented by PARO Centre for Women’s Enterprise
  • Join us for a look at Bank Reconciliations in the 3rd part of this series.
Getting Your Food Business Noticed
Getting Your Packaged Goods on Shelf and Keeping Them There!
Presented by Victoria Watts, Pasta Tavola
  • Do You Have a Packaged Food Item You Want to Sell? Join BGA and co-founder of Pasta Tavola for an informative webinar that will prepare you to sell your products to retailers, to grab the first sale and repeat!

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