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Le Centre PARO pour l’entreprise des femmes offre un large éventail d'évènements tout au long de l’année. Notre objectif est d’aider les femmes à développer leurs connaissances, habiletés et réseaux par l’entremise d’ateliers, de formation, du coaching et des conférences. Pensez à vérifier régulièrement notre calendrier d’évènements, et n’oubliez pas d’apporter vos cartes d’affaires!

Les ateliers sont disponibles en ligne et toute personne qui s’inscrit peut avoir accès à la lecture différée des ateliers (playback!). Inscrivez-vous à makingadifference@paro.ca

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Calling all PAROBiz and PARO Circle Members! 

Did you know that you and your circle are part of the largest women’s Peer Lending Circle Network in North America? Your membership as part of this wonderful ecosystem of #womensupportingwomen has many perks including peer support, microfunding and PARO’s networking opportunities, events, webinars and other educational resources that you have already have access through as a #proudPAROwoman. 

Now, we are introducing something extra special for you: Business Education 101 at your fingertips… instantly, any day, any time! 

PARO Centre for Women’s Enterprise is excited to offer a new online training program to its PAROBiz members, and peer lending circles all across Ontario. Offered by GoForth Institute, this one-stop-shop program provides access to education for women to start and grow their businesses through online streaming video education. This is a value-add service to support PARO’s Circle Members, and PAROBiz members in pivoting their businesses in the wake of Covid-19 and beyond, and they are completely online to allow for flexibility to accommodate our busy schedules! 

To Apply Please visit the link here -> https://airtable.com/shr6DdzsXDa0eqBMS 

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Are you ready to learn how to accomplish more in 12 weeks than many do in 12 months?
The ELEVATE program is designed to empower women business owners seeking to scale to 1 Million and beyond!
Over  6 months you will be guided through a combination of strategic and leadership development, geared to provide stronger alignment of daily actions with goals, build high-performing teams and eliminate the thinking that holds you back.

The 12 Week Year strategy offers professionals a way to break out of traditional, annualized thinking, to achieve 4x more productivity than before. It is a repeatable process and most of all, it is a SUCCESFUL PROCESS.

Facilitated by certified 12 Week Year trainer and leadership coach, Cheryl Himburg, you will leverage her experience and knowledge, which includes executive and leadership positions within both the corporate and non-profit sectors on an international scale.

Representation matters. Leadership as women matters. We ELEVATE together.

Click here -> https://airtable.com/shrsIAfaA5EA1dAUR
To apply today!

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PARO’s Virtual Re:Imagine Event Registration

PARO RE:Imagine is a celebration of accomplishments and a great learning opportunity for all emerging entrepreneurs, new and established business owners and professionals!
The world has changed, and we are all moving towards a new future. PARO has existed to serve and empower women entrepreneurs, and we know how our clients have been impacted by COVID-19.
This motivating event is packed with workshops, dynamic speakers, a one of a kind virtual pop-up market exhibition, engaging networking opportunities, and an Evening Awards Gala honouring women in Ontario who have made positive contributions in their community and who have made a significant pivot and adopted new ways of doing business through resilience and business leadership.
Featuring this year’s Keynote speaker from This Hour Has 22 Minutes, Mary Walsh!
SAVE THE DATE and join us to celebrate women in business as you get inspired to take your business to the next level of success!
Earlybird Registration Deadline April 15, 2021!
See the registration form for ticket pricing.

Click Here to Register

For questions and sponsorship opportunity contact
(807) 625-0328 or email: circles@paro.ca

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PARO acknowledges the history that many nations hold in the areas around our offices, and is committed to a relationship with First Nations, Métis, and Inuit peoples based on the principles of mutual trust, respect, reciprocity, and collaboration in the spirit of reconciliation.

Mooka’am Kwe
She Rises

BIZCamp pour femmes autochtones du Nord de l’Ontario - janvier 2021.

L’une des choses les plus difficiles pour une entreprise est de se développer afin d’atteindre des objectifs solides, en vue d’obtenir de meilleurs contrats, en dehors de sa clientèle et de ses marchés actuels. Début 2021, PARO va établir un partenariat avec Service d’assistance canadienne aux organismes (SACO), Blue Sky Healing Centreet Go Forth Institute to host a 15-week BIZCamp Pilot to support Indigenous women in scaling their business!  This program will touch on all the important things you need to know to scale your business into new markets and take your business to the next level.

Through working with PARO’s top-notch business counsellors and inspiring facilitators from across Canada, Mooka’am Kwe will support you in positioning your enterprise to access opportunities in resource sectors in Northern Ontario, including mining, forestry, construction and powerline industries.

Over the last decade, the Indigenous-owned economy in Northern Ontario has strengthened considerably, and the opportunities for women-owned businesses should grow with it!

Début du BIZCamp le 28 janviere 2021 pour 15 semaines, Mooka’am Kwe va permettre aux femmes autochtones en affaires, d’acquérir les outils dont elles ont besoin pour participer efficacement aux industries en forte croissance, avec un effet de levier potentiel pour elles.

En participant au BIZCamp Mooka’am Kwe, vous allez:

  • Obtenir un code d’accès d’un an à “GoForth Institute – Devenez un meilleur entrepreneur”
  • Accéder à des Financement opportunités
  • Développer une multitude de compétences pour vous préparer à décrocher de gros contrats
  • Préparer votre entreprise à la croissance et à la mise à l’échelle
  • Développer et mettre en place un plan de marketing stratégique pour mettre votre entreprise à l’échelle
  • Comprendre combien les compagnies à large échelle procurent des biens et des services aux entreprises
  • Apprendre comment répondre aux Demandes de propositions (RFP)
  • Apprendre à décoloniser les pratiques commerciales
  • Vous assurer que votre entreprise est bien placée pour “sauter” sur les opportunités lorsqu’elles se présentent
  • Connaître les opportunités qui existent pour votre entreprise
  • Accéder à du mentorat individuel et en groupe à travers une semaine dans un Cercle de mentorat

BizCamp Mooka’am Kwe : Elle s’élève, a le soutien du Gouvernement du Canada à travers le Programme Stratégie pour les femmes en entrepreneuriat (SFE) de FedNor.

Registration is now Closed

 For any further support please contact us at 807-625-0328 or email info@paro.ca

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