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Your Safety
Services of Elspeth Heyworth Centre for Women (EHCW)
Presented by Sunder Singh, Executive Director
How services for newcomers, immigrants, and refugees are provided; helping international students to settle; programs for women facing domestic violence; programs for seniors to continue healthy living.

Finding the Support
Circle Discovery Webinar
Presented by, PARO Centre For Women’s Enterprise

Ever wonder how PARO Circles are formed and what the benefits are in being a part of one?  In this webinar you will learn all the details about forming, joining, belonging and how to access loans and grants through the PARO circles.

Managing the Money
Bookkeeping for Businesses: Part I & II
Presented by PARO Centre for Women’s Enterprise

Part 1
Why Does Your Business Need Bookkeeping?
  • 3 Categories of Essential Business Tasks
  • Cash Receipts (A/R) and cash Disbursements (A/P)

Part 2

In this webinar, we will discuss:

What will be the business purpose?                               

  • Service                                 
  • Sales                                 
  • Manufacturing

Why does this matter?

How to decide which type of accounting systems, processes and methods to use.

Managing the Money
Bookkeeping for Businesses: Part 3
Presented by PARO Centre for Women’s Enterprise

Join us for a look at Bank Reconciliations in the 3rd part of this series.
Goal Setting
Action Planning for Success
PARO Centre for Women’s Enterprise
  • Developing a Business Action Plan to reach your goals
  • Defining measurable goals
    Prioritizing and setting targets for yourself and your business 

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