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The Psychology of Money
Women, Power & Empowerment
Presented by Belinda Clemmensen, B.Sc., M.Ed.,PCC, Women’s Leadership Intensive 

We can’t talk about women’s empowerment without digging into what we mean by power. Women often have a tentative relationship to the word power because we don’t want to uphold the old “power over” paradigms that we’ve experienced.  In this workshop we’ll explore new definitions of power and challenge the old notions. 
Working with models and concepts developed by women, we’ll walk through the stages of personal power in organizations, reflecting on how they show up for each one of us. 
Finally, we’ll talk about how to share power and make concrete plans to do so. In the new thinking about power, we only truly become powerful when we shift from individualistic thinking and bring others with us into empowerment. 

Your new start
Goal Setting for Possibilities
presented by Marcia Arpin, All the Daze Productions

Each participant will be guided through several exercises to help them set meaningful and inspired goals for the year ahead

Making the Money
Connecting the Dots: What to Do Before, During and After a Workshop to Ensure Your Business Growth
Presented by Gabriela Casineanu, MSc, MBA, ORSC, Introverts Academy

Have you thought of using workshops/webinars as a marketing strategy for your business?

Join us to learn:
– Why doing workshops/webinars can help your business grow (even if you’re introverted or never taught before)
– How to choose a webinar topic that helps both the attendees and your business
– What to do before, during, and after a webinar to help reach your business objectives (both short- and long-term)

This webinar will address the business aspect of using webinars. It does not cover how to structure and deliver a webinar.

Finding the Support
Circle Discovery Webinar
Presented by, PARO Centre For Women’s Enterprise
Ever wonder how PARO Circles are formed and what the benefits are in being a part of one? Join PARO’s Circle Co-Ordinator where you will learn all the details about forming, joining, belonging and how to access loans and grants through the PARO circles.
Making the Money
Network Marketing in a Digital Age – How to Create Connection and Community to Grow Your Business Online
Presented by Tara and Andryanna, Co-creators behind Northern Heart + Home

From email lists to content creation, digital marketing can be overwhelming to the already busy business owner.
Join Tara and Andryanna, the co-creators behind Northern Heart + Home in this Glow & Grow presentation as they discuss Network Marketing in a Digital Age.
Hear about their experience in starting and growing an online platform with a current reach of over 11,000 people; learn how to cultivate your brand strengths and better understand your audience; and gain valuable tips and tricks for engaging, building and growing your digital presence. 
Your Business Standing Out
Write compelling captions & Hashtag Research
Presented by Kassandra Arsenault, Owner of Konnect a social media management company 
“This webinar is focused on writing clear and compelling captions to hook your audience and get the conversation started. We will also be looking at how hashtags work, what platform to use them on and how to use hashtags to grow your business. Let’s level up your social media together!”
Pitch it Like a Pro – Pitch it Contest

This 5-part series will help you get your business idea out of your head and ready to launch or grow your business. The final part in the series will include a business pitch competition for a chance to win $500 in cash prize to use towards your business. Attendance is required for a minimum of 2 sessions live prior to participating in the pitch.  All sessions will be presented virtually.  This competition is open to all women entrepreneurs across Ontario.  Registration is

Session #1 for Pitch it Like Pro
Your Model
Business Model Canvas
Presented by Marie-Josee Levesque, IM Transformation Inc & Bumpy Roads Studio

Join us for this session as we take a look at the steps involved in preparing the Business Model Canvas.  This exercise will help you with your business planning. 
Making the Money
Getting media for your business
Presented by David Cohen, The David Cohen Group

In this session, we will share the steps you need to get media exposure for your venture.

With the explosion of Podcasts, hosts need content. They need you!

We will share the steps and strategies needed to help build your business and come across like a trusted thought leader!

Do you like the idea of building and growing your business?
Join us in this networking event to meet like-minded entrepreneurs and form your own PARO Peer Lending & Support Circle.
Be part of the largest women-centred community of women entrepreneurs in Ontario with +185 circles!
We invite you to think about what you would want in your circle: peer mentors, networking, connection, new tools added to your business

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Don’t worry if you’re unable to attend this month. We will be holding Circle Networking Events on the last Thursday of every month.

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