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Becoming a Business with Sustainable Development Goals(SBG) Purpose
Presented by Hariett Madigan | Earth In a Nest

  • What are the SDGs?
  • Why should I care?
  • Who needs to get involved? Why should small businesses be involved? 
  • How can small business move towards Eco-Age friendly practices?
  • What are some simple ways to move toward Net Zero Waste?
  • When and where should you start?

An interesting statistic! 97.7% of all business in Canada is small business. Just think about the difference small business could make moving toward more sustainable practices AND, leading by example, then sharing our changes with our customers! Small businesses can be the influencers as we navigate climate change. It just makes good business sense to be a business with purpose!

The value of one business, the power of many businesses working together to be socially, and economically profitable within environmental constraints!

We created Earth in a Nest Collaborative based on this statistic and the SDGs to bring small businesses together to help each other. Collaboration and networking.

 “The value of one business or organization to make a difference won’t be enough but the power of a collective of many businesses and organizations, passing their commitment on to their customers, working together, the collective one, for net zero impact, is a game changer.”  

Intellectual Property 101: Strategic Planning – Session #1
Presented by Deborah Meltzer, M.Sc., L.L.B | Lawyer | Trademark Agent | MBM Intellectual Property Law

This session will focus on critical considerations in maximizing intellectual property protection. The discussion will focus on assessing various different types of intellectual property including trademarks, patents, and copyright, and how they are related, in addition to strategic planning, market and contractual considerations, risk assessment and more.  Session 2 will follow in October with Intellectual Property in the Online World.

Finding the Support
Circle Discovery Webinar
Presented by, PARO Centre For Women’s Enterprise

Ever wonder how PARO Circles are formed and what the benefits are in being a part of one?  In this webinar you will learn all the details about forming, joining, belonging and how to access loans and grants through the PARO circles.

Internet Safety | Protecting Your Businesses Digital Assets
Presented by Abidel Bassie-Crips | Owner Tech-Assist

Do you know if your computer and your devices are truly cyber secure? In this presentation by Abidel Bassie-Crips, owner of Tech-Assist, you will explore why it’s so important to ensure that your business’s most valuable information is kept safe. You will be provided with helpful tips and how-to’s that you can implement right away!

Managing Change and Personal Transitions
Presented by Avegaile Calzado | Founder and Director of Insight Communication

In this one-hour interactive webinar is designed to help attendees build their inner capacities to deal with change and manage their personal transitions.

During the webinar, attendees will discuss how they respond to change and transitions. They will learn about:

  • Models for navigating change and managing transitions
  • Importance of developing and practicing mindfulness and emotional intelligence
  • How to connect with and prioritize what really matters to them by outlining their values, vision, purpose or mission, short-term and long-term goals
  • A simple mindfulness and meditation technique to help them feel more centered, grounded, and relaxed physically, mentally, and emotionally

Unstoppable You: Discover your superpower in business!
Presented by Karyn Aydt | Inner Design International

Wondering how you can be unstoppable in your business? Join us for an opportunity to hear Executive Coach Karen Aydt talk about the superpowers that different people have as leaders and how understanding just 4 main types of people is the key to creating extraordinary results in business and life!

About this event – If you’re a woman entrepreneur who’s committed to growing your business, enhancing your leadership, and developing stronger client relationships, this workshop is for you. Karen and Inner Design International provide fun, interactive, and transformative Workshops that create highly engaged teams and individuals that can connect, collaborate, lead and sell effectively to all types of people.


  • How to create effective, dynamic leadership in business so you can accomplish your most ambitious goals
  • Identify your unique leadership superpower!

The session will cover:

  • The 4 Main personality types and their leadership styles
  • The benefits of understanding your automatic leadership style
  • How to overcome the biggest obstacle to success in any project

Social Media Content Planning
Presented by Kassandra Arsenault | Konnect: a Social Media Management Company

Planning social media content can be an overwhelming and daunting task when you don’t know where to start.

Join Kassandra as she walks us through the content planning and creation process. This can help you save time and help you plan ahead.

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