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Making the Money
How to Succeed With Event Marketing
Presented by Sue Sutcliffe of World Event Centre

Although event marketing has been a thing for over two decades, the pandemic has transformed the industry, the options and the tools available to those who embrace it. Join Sue as she walks you through the transformation, provides insights as to where this lucrative industry is now, and what you should consider when choosing platforms and methodology from in-person to virtual to hybrid. 

Women Mean Business Series
Your Finances Finance For Your Business
Presented by Joanne Delarosbil of Numbers
Joanne Delarosbil, owner of Numbers will discuss what you need to know and where to start on general bookkeeping information along with some tax information and tips
Photography and You
Launching Your Photography Career
Presented by Renée Gendron – PARO Women’s Enterprise & School of Photography 
Join Renée Gendron of PARO Women’s Enterprise and the School of Photography to learn how to launch a successful career in photography.
Participants will learn: (bullet point)
  • How to diversify your income
  • How to find and develop different niches
  • How to network 

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The Psychology of Money
Creating Calm in Anxious Times
Presented by Katherine Keeping, Gratitude Gem Oils
  • Mindful actions
  • Techniques to release anxiety
  • Grounding and centering
Finding the Support
Circle Discovery Webinar
Presented by, PARO Centre For Women’s Enterprise
Ever wonder how PARO Circles are formed and what the benefits are in being a part of one? Join PARO’s Circle Co-Ordinator where you will learn all the details about forming, joining, belonging and how to access loans and grants through the PARO circles.

Thriving With Your Skills
How to Thrive as a Freelancer
Presented by Renée Gendron of PARO Women’s Enterprise and Ottawa School of Art

Join Renée Gendron of PARO Women’s Enterprise and Ottawa School of Art

  • Diversify your revenue streams from one core skill
  • How to prospect for clients
  • How to network

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The Psychology of Money
Exporting Your Business
Presented by Brenda Soucy, Soullife Adventure
Learning the basics and knowing the tools can smooth line their processes and save time, money and lots of frustrations.
Making the Money
Pinterest Basics for Your Business
Presented by Kassandra Arsenault ~ Owner Konnect; a Social Media Management Company 
In this workshop, you will learn what Pinterest marketing is and how to leverage that for your business. We will also talk about the features, do a basic walk-through of the platform and leave you with some great ideas to create or repurpose content using Pinterest. 

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