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Upcoming Events

PARO Power Hour! Ignite Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

PARO Power Hour! Ignite Your Entrepreneurial Spirit
An hour for you to learn and share tools and tips to keep your idea on the path to success.
Join PARO’s Business Growth Advisor living in British Columbia, Cathleen Lundgren, as she shares insights on navigating the path to entrepreneurial success.
Cathleen will host twelve (12) 1hr PARO Power Hour sessions over the next 12 weeks. The topics covered will include resilience, flexibility, communication skills, and confidence. She will share tools for developing your network and support system and maintaining a work-life balance.
Each session will include:
An Introduction to the PARO Power Hour
Introduction of attendees – Your 60 Seconds
A focus topic (list at the end of this description)
Q&A Addressing questions and concerns
Join us for one, two or twelve! By registering, you will receive information on PARO programming, support networks, mentorship, and funding.

PARO Centre for Women’s Enterprise offers a variety of events throughout the year. Our aim is to help women develop their knowledge, skills and networks through workshops, training, coaching and conferences. Make it your habit to regularly check our events calendar, and don’t forget to bring your business cards!

Workshops are available online and anyone who registers can get access to the playback! Register at makingadifference@paro.ca

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Calling all PAROBiz and PARO Circle Members! 

Did you know that you and your circle are part of the largest women’s Peer Lending Circle Network in North America? Your membership as part of this wonderful ecosystem of #womensupportingwomen has many perks including peer support, microfunding and PARO’s networking opportunities, events, webinars and other educational resources that you have already have access through as a #proudPAROwoman. 

Now, we are introducing something extra special for you: Business Education 101 at your fingertips… instantly, any day, any time! 

PARO Centre for Women’s Enterprise is excited to offer a new online training program to its PAROBiz members, and peer lending circles all across Ontario. Offered by GoForth Institute, this one-stop-shop program provides access to education for women to start and grow their businesses through online streaming video education. This is a value-add service to support PARO’s Circle Members, and PAROBiz members in pivoting their businesses in the wake of Covid-19 and beyond, and they are completely online to allow for flexibility to accommodate our busy schedules! 

Available at no cost to PARO Clients, as funds are available.  Apply today!

To Apply Please visit our Client Portal

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