Upcoming PARO Events

International Women's Day Virtual Event 2023 - #EmbraceEquity

Join us for a day of recognition and a celebration of women around the world and their amazing accomplishments.

Come and hear the inspirational stories of our PARO Circle members and a presentation from Keynote Speaker Vanessa L. Tynes-Jass Founder and CEO of Survivors Unleashed International

Vanessa was homeless at age 17 and forced into domestic sex trafficking in Canada. A few months after being turned out, her roommate and 17 year old best friend Kelly was murdered. 
After narrowly escaping this situation, Vanessa has been able to carve out quite a compelling life, career and future as an entrepreneur, advocate and philanthropist.
  • She is now determined to show the world that human trafficking is not just a news headline.  The victims are our daughters, sisters, mothers, and neighbours. Currently, she owns law firms focused on family law and residential real estate. 
  • She also heads a charity called Survivors Unleashed International, which provides education funding to survivors of sex trafficking. She has made it her mission to show other survivors that they too can have true economic freedom with education.
Even More Circle Up! Networking Days!

PARO Circle Up! March 9, 6pm (EST)

Do you like the idea of building and growing your business?
Join us in this networking event to meet like-minded entrepreneurs and form your own PARO Peer Lending & Support Circle. Be part of the largest women-centered community of women entrepreneurs in Ontario with +200 circles!
We invite you to think about what you would want in your circle: peer mentors, networking, connection, and new tools added to your business.
To register and join this relaxed and casual event, please email businessgrowth25@paro.ca
PARO Prosper Circles BIZCamp 1 of 2 for Established Businesses March 22nd 12:15pm (EST) Register by logging into myPAROPath Portal at www.paro.ca
PARO Circle Up! Networking event. March 30th 4:30 pm (EST) Register by emailing businessgrowth3@paro.ca

PARO Circle Up! February 30th, 4:30 pm (EST)

Couldn’t make the last Circle Up? Don’t worry! We have a second Circle Up! Networking event on the last Thursday of the month as well as the second Thursday of the month!
To register and join this relaxed and casual event, please email businessgrowth3@paro.ca

PARO Centre for Women’s Enterprise offers a variety of events throughout the year. Our aim is to help women develop their knowledge, skills and networks through workshops, training, coaching and conferences. Make it your habit to regularly check our events calendar, and don’t forget to bring your business cards!

Workshops are available online and anyone who registers can get access to the playback! Register at makingadifference@paro.ca

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Calling all PAROBiz and PARO Circle Members! 

Did you know that you and your circle are part of the largest women’s Peer Lending Circle Network in North America? Your membership as part of this wonderful ecosystem of #womensupportingwomen has many perks including peer support, microfunding and PARO’s networking opportunities, events, webinars and other educational resources that you have already have access through as a #proudPAROwoman. 

Now, we are introducing something extra special for you: Business Education 101 at your fingertips… instantly, any day, any time! 

PARO Centre for Women’s Enterprise is excited to offer a new online training program to its PAROBiz members, and peer lending circles all across Ontario. Offered by GoForth Institute, this one-stop-shop program provides access to education for women to start and grow their businesses through online streaming video education. This is a value-add service to support PARO’s Circle Members, and PAROBiz members in pivoting their businesses in the wake of Covid-19 and beyond, and they are completely online to allow for flexibility to accommodate our busy schedules! 

Available at no cost to PARO Clients, as funds are available.  Apply today!

To Apply Please visit our Client Portal

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