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Mooka’am Kwe She Rises

A Northern Ontario Indigenous Women’s BIZCamp – January 2021 One of the hardest things for a business is scaling up to achieve solid goals for getting larger contracts outside your present market and clientele.  In early 2021, PARO will partner with the Canadian Executive Services Organization (CESO), Blue Sky Healing Centre, and the Go Forth Institute to host a 15-week BIZCamp Pilot to support Indigenous women in scaling their business!  This program will touch on all the important things you need to know to scale your business into new markets and take your business to the next level. Through working with PARO’s top-notch business counsellors and inspiring facilitators from across Canada, Mooka’am Kwe will support you in positioning your enterprise to access opportunities in resource sectors in Northern Ontario, including mining, forestry, construction and powerline industries. Over the last decade, the Indigenous-owned economy in Northern Ontario has strengthened considerably, and the opportunities for women-owned businesses should grow with it! Beginning on January 28th 2021 for 15 weeks, Mooka’am Kwe will arm Indigenous women in business with the tools they need to effectively participate in high-growth industries with huge leveraging potential.

By participating in Mooka’am Kwe BIZCamp you:

  • Gain a one-year access code to “GoForth Institute –Become a Better Entrepreneur”
  • Gain access to Funding opportunities
  • Build an arsenal of skills to prepare for procuring large contracts
  • Get your business ready for growth and scaling
  • Develop and implement a strategic scale-up marketing plan
  • Understand how large-scale companies procure good and services from businesses,
  • Learn how to respond to Requests for Proposals (RFP)
  • Learn decolonizing business practices
  • Ensure your business is well-positioned to jump on opportunities when they arise
  • Learn about opportunities that exist for your business
  • Access individual and group Mentoring through a weekly Mentoring Hub
Mooka’am Kwe: She Rises BizCamp is supported by the Government of Canada through FedNor and the Women’s Entrepreneurship Strategy Program. To register, call Melissa at 807-625-0328 or email info@paro.ca
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