COVID-19 Resources


Since the onset of the Covid-19 Pandemic, PARO has shifted our approach to delivering our great programs and services to our clients across the province. While our client-focused, organic approaches will remain the same, our style of delivery has shifted to online work using Zoom and other online platforms to support our clients. All of our events, workshops and meetings have been moved to online hosting platforms that allow us to deliver the exceptional service you expect from PARO!

PARO Programs & Services To Assist Your Business During COVID-19

PARO offers a myriad of programs and services geared toward assisting women entrepreneurs. PARO recognizes the importance of maintaining your business during the COVID-19 pandemic; during this time we would like to highlight the following programs that can assist you in your business operations and contingency planning:

Peer Lending Circles

Peer lending circles are small groups of like-minded women who meet regularly to share their experiences, offer advice to each other and expand their individual and shared contact networks. Circles are small groups of 4 to 7 women, who are over the age of 18, each of whom currently operates their own business, wishes to start their own business, or believes in women helping women. PARO Peer Circles help women to connect and network with other enterprising women. Today PARO is one of the strongest peer lenders of small business loans in North America.


Take your business to the next level.

Growing a business can be challenging particularly if growth involves greater human and financial resources. At PARO, we have supported thousands of businesses to successfully achieve the next level of growth. Our team can advise you through difficult decision-making processes, facilitate essential connections and help you find the right resources, including the BizGrowth Grant option. For more information, contact Karen Evans at 


Mentor Moments 

Mentor Moments is a program that seeks to engage mentees and mentors from PARO’s Peer Lending Circles, networks, and all business sectors. We invite mentors and mentees who are new to PARO to join, as well. Our mission is to enhance the success of Ontario women, helping them to fulfil their business goals and dreams by matching mentors with mentees in a fruitful mutually beneficial relationship. This is an opportune time to sign-up for this program as all mentoring can be conducted virtually. In light of the pandemic altering your business operations, it may be the time to focus on areas where you may need assistance. With regards to mentors, if you find yourself seeking connections while quarantining you should consider sharing your business expertise, sign up today! For more information click here!

Weekly Webinars 

Embracing Innovation, Productivity, and Profitability for Business and Social Entrepreneurship.

Upcoming webinars will focus on how to scale-up your business despite social distancing! During self-isolation, you can brush up on your entrepreneurial skills with us! We will be hosting webinars focusing on adapting your business to suit the changing economic climate, and addressing how you should alter your business operations to suit. To view the schedule for the webinars link to the page. To register email today! For more information click here!

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