If you are an existing women owned business looking to grow, scale-up, or expand, then you might be a perfect fit for one of our BizCamps. Businesses may have difficulty moving their business to the next level and this program is designed to help businesses increase and capitalize on market opportunities to grow and expand. The purpose is to assist businesses to expand into new markets. Certain programs are region restricted so please check with your Business Advisor before signing up.


Are you thinking of starting a business but not sure where to start?
  • The Ready to be an Entrepreneur BIZCamp is a good fit for you. Over 4 weeks (through virtual sessions), you’ll learn the difference between wanting to work in a field and starting a business in the sector. PARO will help you identify the resources you need to test your business idea and provide you with the tools to assess and jumpstart your business ideas.
This 4-week BIZCamp helps you establish the foundation for determining if it’s the right time to start your business, if your business idea is viable, and if it is, help you identify what you need to launch.
For women in NL, NS, ON, MB, SK, AB, BC.
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PAROJetsetter BIZCamp – Rocket Your Business Growth

Have you been in business for at least one year and have sales of $50K or more and want to grow to $250K? This PAROJetsetter BIZCamp is for you! The PAROJetsetter BIZCamp provides a flexible learning environment where women entrepreneurs can learn alongside a cohort of other women entrepreneurs. Limited availability.

Participants will be encouraged to set goals throughout the BIZCamp all while working at their own pace with online learning modules, group lab sessions, and with individual support from industry experts and PARO Business Counsellors.

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"The best use of my time this summer, I learnt more in this intensive program from the most inspirational ladies than I have in any other business series. Having women mentors and peers made all the difference. It wasn't until the PAROJetsetter BIZCamp that I realized all the other courses I had taken had male role models and with very few female-led and highly successful mentors female owners to look up to. This course gave me the confidence to take the next steps into the small business world. Thank you PARO!"

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PARO ProsperCircles BIZCamp

PARO is the official representative/Loan Fund Partner for Ontario for the WEOC Women Entrepreneur’s Loan Fund, which supports women and non-binary entrepreneurs from launch to scaling their businesses. The maximum amount per loan is up to $50,000.

As the Loan Fund Partner for Ontario, PARO will work with each Loan applicant through the PAROProsper BIZCAMP, which includes: four (4) compulsory webinars and one-on-one work with a PARO Business Counsellor or Business Growth Advisor to develop a business plan describing the viability and feasibility of the applicant’s business. The business plan, which includes cash flow forecasts for a minimum of two years, is a requirement for applying to the Loan Fund.

The completion of the WEOC Application for the Women’s Loan Fund will be required along with their business plan, and the Assessment and Recommendation of their PARO Counsellor. The PAROProsper BIZCAMP will guide applicants through this process.

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Mooka’am Kwe. She Rises. BIZCamp

The Mooka’am Kwe. She Rises. BizCamp is designed by and for Indigenous women, and provides a flexible learning environment where you can learn alongside a cohort of Indigenous women entrepreneurs. You will be encouraged to set goals throughout the program, start your business, and reach new heights!

During this 10-week BizCamp, you will participate in online learning modules, group lab sessions, and individual support from PARO’s Elders-in-Residence. You will also receive one-on-one business support, access to funding and contact development opportunities.

Feel free to email any questions or concerns to
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The InvestoReady Program

Are you:

  • actively trying to raise funding for growth
  • building something to try to save the world
  • in a tech-related field or business (ICT, Ag Tech, Med Tech, Clean Tech, ocean tech, ect.)

12 Sessions – meeting once per week for 12 weeks (with a Christmas break) working together, individually, and with Dr. Farrell.

  • Investor Q&A — the most critical element of raising investment
  • Investor Q&A is not about answering questions.
  • Using the Investoready Practice Console
  • Key concepts that correlate with raising money
  • Investment and venture capital process
  • How to deliver momentum
  • Discipline and precision
  • Control the conversaton
  • Value proposition
  • Launch & end-user experience
  • Confidence requires competence
  • Competitive advantage for women raising investment
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PARO ELEVATE BIZCamp – Ready Set Grow!

PARO’s ELEVATE program is designed to empower women business owners seeking to scale to $1,000,000 and beyond. If you have reached $250K in Sales and have 2 or more employees this program will show you how to break thru the glass ceiling and reach $1M in sales and beyond.
The 12 Week Year Strategy will guide you through strategic and leadership development, geared to provide stronger alignment of daily actions with goals, build high-performing teams and eliminate the thinking that holds you back. Ready to break the ceiling, the ELEVATE application is now open.
The Elevate BIZCamp is for women entrepreneurs located in Ontario.

The next BIZCamp will run July – December 2024

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PARO Green Economy 

These virtual BIZCamps aim to support and empower female-led businesses across Canada, specifically focusing on contributing to the Green Economy.

The main objectives of these sessions are support for female entrepreneurs by providing them with specialized knowledge and resources to contribute to the green economy through sustainable development practices, fostering a supportive network and mentorship opportunities for women entrepreneurs.

All women entrepreneurs (BIPOC, Indigenous, 2SLGBTQIA+, Francophone, and other underrepresented groups) looking to understand the Green Economy and in greening their operations and businesses no matter what sector, services, or products they are providing, they can take action to reduce their footprint now.

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PARO She Scales Up with Technology Cohort 2: A Planning System to Discover and Implement Technology                

Are you a women entrepreneur looking to adopt technology solutions in your business? Do you need help planning to leverage technology to scale your business? This BIZcamp may be for you!

PARO She Scales up with Technology program will provide you with a planning system to discover and implement technology in your women-owned business. Using the planning system, you will be able to identify gaps to adopt digitization solutions in areas such as internet presence, e-commerce, social media management, digitization of customer relationships, secure communications, and cybersecurity, etc., to increase and promote business productivity, and increase resilience.

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PARO Foodpreneur

Unleash Your Business Potential: Don’t miss this 10-session workshop series for food industry businesses!! Are you a woman entrepreneur, thinking of growing your food business? Look no further!

PARO Centre for Women Enterprise is offering a tailored online Business Planning Camp, facilitated by Farm Food Drink.
This free PARO BizCamp offering is aimed at food business owners already in operation. This 3-hour weekly workshop series runs from April 4th, 2024, to June 4th, 2024. The following modules include presentations from industry experts, scale up planning exercises, and much more!

Business Planning for Foodpreneurs
Product Development
Food Safety
Labels & Packaging
Production Economics & Scaling Up
Financial Planning
Sales and Logistics
Support & Resources
Summary & Next Steps

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Future BIZCamps

Stay tuned for more future BIZCamps.

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