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Elevate application is now open until midnight June 10th. Access the application through the PARO website, and client portal.

PARO’s ELEVATE program is designed to empower women business owners seeking to scale to $1,000,000 and beyond. If you have reached $250K in Sales and have 2 or more employees this program will show you how to break thru the glass ceiling and reach $1M in sales and beyond.

The 12 Week Year Strategy will guide you through strategic and leadership development, geared to provide stronger alignment of daily actions with goals, build high performing teams and eliminate the thinking that holds you back. Ready to break the ceiling, the ELEVATE application is now open. New ELEVATE program starts July 2022. Applications, will be accepted until June 10th, midnight EST.

Registration is now OPEN. To Register please login or sign up for our brand new Client Portal myPAROPath

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Thank you for joining us for our Women Leaders – A Sustainable Future Event. We appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedules to join us and contribute to our event. It’s people like you that make our events so special; we couldn’t have done it without you!

We would like to once again congratulate all of our Award Winners and Nominees and thank all of our guest speakers, panellists, attendees and sponsors. Thank you to our Presenting Sponsor TD, our Workshop Sponsors ACO Marketing and Thunder Bay Ventures and to our Award Sponsors BioNorth Solutions, DriversEd 4U and Freight Managers Inc.

PARO wants to hear from you about your thoughts on our event. Use the button below to take the survey and let us know how we did.

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She-Covery for Women’s Enterprise: PARO Business Recovery Survey 2022

PARO Centre for Women’s Enterprise (PARO) provides a myriad of business supports including access to funding for women entrepreneurs living in Ontario.

Founded in 1995, PARO, best known for its renowned Peer Lending Network for Women (, is credited to be the largest in North America, supporting more than 190 Lending Circles across Ontario.  Recently, PARO completed a pandemic recovery survey in follow up to two previous surveys used to track, evaluate, and analyze the effects that the Covid-19 pandemic had on women entrepreneurs and their businesses.

As we enter the third year of the global pandemic, the results of this survey, anecdotal conversations, and formal and informal interviews with PARO clients indicate that the global challenges related to Covid-19 acutely and disproportionately affected women. In the business world, this statement rang true for women entrepreneurs as they continue to navigate staffing challenges, access and accessibility restrictions, and government support restrictions among many other ongoing challenges.

Read the rest of the report to learn more!

Are You Ready?

As we shift into the ‘New Normal,” all of PARO’s amazing programs and services have stayed the same – we have just shifted our approach to delivering our services to you! PARO Zooms  around Ontario giving women money and business supports!” 

PARO‘ is Latin for “I Am Ready


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PARO GoForth

PARO Centre for Women’s Enterprise is excited to offer a new online training program to its PAROBiz members, and peer lending circles all across Ontario. Offered by GoForth Institute, this one-stop-shop program provides access to education for women to start and grow their businesses through online streaming video education. This is a value-add service to support PARO’s Circle Members, and PAROBiz members in pivoting their businesses in the wake of Covid-19 and beyond, and they are completely online to allow for flexibility to accommodate our busy schedules!

Available at no cost to PARO Clients, as funds are available.  Apply today!

Learn more here: PARO GoForth Online Education

Funding and Supports Available

PARO offers grants and loans through our various programs and services. Check out PARO’s Peer Lending Circles to learn more.

Contact us today to discuss PARO’s PPE Funding opportunity.

Learn about the BizGrowth Funding Program!

Our team can provide you with business counselling and support. Ask your business counsellor about funding opportunities in your area!

Our Services

What stage is your business at?

PARO can support any and every woman to start a new business so what are you waiting for? Helping women to start their own businesses is what PARO does best. At PARO, we help women turn their business ideas into reality through business development programs, advisory services and technical resources. 

Take your business to the next level. At PARO, we have supported hundreds of businesses to successfully achieve the next level of growth. Our team can advise you through difficult decision-making processes, facilitate essential connections and help you find the right resources.

Are you seeking to develop your networks?

This is for all entrepreneurs and enterprising women who want to build new connections to improve their businesses. Check out the various opportunities to develop your networks. 

Women's B2B Database

Women-Owned Vendors and Suppliers Serving Northern Ontario

Gender and ethnic diversity helps everyone and promotes a stronger economy in Ontario. The PARO Women’s B2B Database connects diverse and highly skilled women-owned businesses with companies operating in Ontario that need qualified suppliers on their projects. Build your capacity. Make connections. Get contracts! All women living in Ontario may apply.

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