PARO Memberships

Become a PARO Circle Member for only $20.00

PARO members benefit from a variety of incentives including; unlimited access to the Enterprise Centre to use computers and the internet; discounts on room rentals, sale of your products through the PARO Presents Gift Store, discounts at PARO events, and peer loans up to $5,000, if eligible,  grants of $500-$1000, and much more.  PARO Circle members are voting members of our organization and can be elected to serve on the board of directors.  Contact to learn about the process of starting or joining a PARO Peer Circle.

If you are a first-time circle member creating or joining a PARO Circle, please ensure you also complete the PARO Circle Membership Form, which can be accessed by emailing or calling 807-625-0328.


Become a supporting Network member today for only $45.00

PARO Network members benefit from a variety of incentives as above, all except grants and loans from the PARO Peer Circles. Contact us for further information about Membership or Membership Renewal. 

Consider making a charitable donation to PARO Centre for Women’s Enterprise. Your financial support will assist us in helping women achieve economic independence, and improve the outlook in our northern communities. Donate Here

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PARO GOForth Learning Membership

PARO GoForth is now available to all PAROBiz participants all across Ontario!
We are introducing something extra special for you: Business Education 101 at your fingertips… instantly, any day, any time!
Offered by GoForth Institute, this one-stop-shop program provides access to education for women to start and grow their businesses through online streaming video education. This is a value-add service to support PARO’s Members in pivoting their businesses in the wake of Covid-19 and beyond, and they are completely online to allow for flexibility to accommodate our busy schedules!
To join:
1. Contact to connect with a PAROBIZ Counsellor
2. Fill in the PARO Intake form through our Client Portal
3. Complete the PARO GoForth application. Easy as 1,2,3!
Available at no cost to PARO Clients, as funds are available.  Apply today!

For more information please contact Nefry at

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