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Growing a business can be challenging particularly if growth involves greater human and financial resources.

At PARO, we have supported hundreds of businesses to successfully achieve the next level of growth. Our team can advise you through difficult decision-making processes, facilitate essential connections and help you find the right resources.

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Women’s Enterprise Centre of Northern Ontario (WECNO)

Women’s Enterprise Centres of Northern Ontario (WECNO) ensures that all women, no matter where they live in Northern Ontario, can have the right tools and resources to grow their business ideas. WECNO initiatives address key areas such as:

  • Growing Women’s Companies
    Encourage greater participation of Women in the Economy by delivering supports to Scale-up majority Women-owned Companies, ensuring that they are poised for growth from start-up and onward with the goal growing World-Class Businesses.
  • Accessing New Growth Opportunities
    We will work to expand and strengthen PARO’s unique and dynamic Hubs 1-8 located across Northern Ontario, by boosting women’s economic participation through successful women-led PARO Regional Cluster Innovation Tables (CIT), and to support their connection to local Regional Innovation Ecosystems, as we work together to leverage new Growth Opportunities. 
  • Expanding Access to Export Markets
    Women’s Companies are underrepresented amongst exporting enterprises. We will work to expand supports and make linkages for women’s companies who seek to Scale-up and increase their knowledge, networking and opportunities to Export to Global Markets. 
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