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At PARO Centre for Women’s Enterprise, our specialty is supporting Ontario women in business in small and medium sized businesses, and social enterprises. We have developed our services and programs with exactly your needs in mind; start up, business growth and networking. 

By working together, PARO women achieve incredible results, realizing their potential and growing their businesses in ways they could never accomplish alone.

We also offer regular workshops, conferences and events to support personal and professional development. Visit our events page to see what’s coming next.

Our Services

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Start Your Business

PARO can support any and every woman to start a new business so what are you waiting for? Helping women to start their own businesses is what PARO does best. At PARO, we help women turn their business ideas into reality through business development programs, advisory services and technical resources. 

Grow Your Business

Take your business to the next level. At PARO, we have supported hundreds of businesses to successfully achieve the next level of growth. Our team can advise you through difficult decision-making processes, facilitate essential connections and help you find the right resources.

Build Your Networks

Are you seeking to develop your networks?

This is for all entrepreneurs and enterprising women who want to build new connections to improve their businesses. Check out the various opportunities to develop your networks. 

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