When life seems full of fear and chaos, the only thing we can do is focus on what we can control. Sue knows first hand how hard challenges can be to over come. After having spent 15 years in the corporate retail world as a trainer and manager, she felt she needed to return to her small town roots. Growing up in an entrepreneurial family in Northern Ontario, she learned to appreciate what being a business owner means to our families and communities. During uncertain times is when we come together, find our tribes and build new strategies. Her business Rewire provides “Small Business Rescue” Working with businesses to problem solve, build their teams and with mindfulness, set everyone up for success. 

        Currently working along side her Paro Sister Lori of Lori’s Tender Loving Care, Sue and Lori have hired 5 staff to add to their team. Lori’s Tender Loving Care is an essential service of PSWs serving North Bay and surrounding area. Having met the business needs, Lori and Sue then focused on supporting our community further. As part of our strategy LTLC ordered local handmade face masks. Nationwide face masks are currently unavailable for purchase in a timely manner, this protects the LTLC Team as they do their rounds with the elderly and disabled. Ordering Hand Sanitizer from our Paro Sister Joanna Bolt of Dirty Girl Farms takes the care and safety of the LTLC Team to the next level. 

         Up to date information and resources from our Paro Sister Murielle Roach of Accurate Business Solutions, helps us all stay in the know and navigate government funding and support. Brain storming solutions, encouraging each other during these dire times is how we stay positive and grow. Success is getting up everyday and trying again. Our Paro Circle is a huge part of the success we have shared. Rewire values recognition as a success story, however the true success is the tribe behind this business. The Game Changers Paro Circle. Because working together, helps us all.

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